Wet crawlspaces are never fun. They grow mold, cause damage, and are just not safe for your home. But why does your crawlspace get wet? What can you do about it?

First of all, it is important to know that the water can be coming from multiple sources. Just because it looks like groundwater, doesn’t mean you don’t have a sewage leak too – so be careful. That being said, groundwater is usually the big culprit. Check the grading around the home. Does it lean toward or away from the home? Also, gutters can help. If you don’t have them, consider getting them. If you do have them – are they good quality seamless gutters? Are they clogged? Do they drain far enough away from the foundation?

Then there are plumbing leaks. While rarer, be sure that this is not the issue. Without climbing into the water, check for drips, leaks, and spraying plumbing lines – both supply lines and waste lines.

Sometimes, even after you do everything right, some water can still get into your crawlspace. In these cases, having a proper sump pump setup is beneficial. Consider adding a battery backup to it as well.

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