While most people are very familiar with the need to protect their homes from the effects of winter, not everyone thinks about the changed use of their homes in other seasons, like summer. But how does the use of a home change in summer? 

Well, it all boils down to either increased or decreased use of the home. As just one example, think about the potential change to the way you use your plumbing system during the summer. If you have kids, it’s likely that they’re spending a lot more time at home, (even in a non-pandemic year!) which means more flushes, more showers, more dishwashing. It’s important to check key parts of your plumbing system for leaks or damage.

On the other side of the coin, summer also typically means spending more time away from home. If you find yourself in that situation, you may decide to turn off your water heater, sprinklers, or other elements of your plumbing system to avoid waste.

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