Buying, owning, or selling a home is always a big task. That is why we offer our clients a full home inspection, including:


The Structure


Roofing and Exteriors


Basements, Attics, and Crawlspaces


Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC


Doors, Windows, Stairs, Outlets


All Living Spaces


And More!


We are thorough home inspectors, and we find many different items on your home inspection. Be sure to hire the best home inspectors that give you the most thorough inspection possible.


Whether you are a buyer, seller, property manager, investor, or anything else – we have the inspection services to meet your needs.


Buying a house is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. It can be the greatest investment you ever made, or it can turn into a financial nightmare, often referred to as “The Money Pit.”

Because of the frequency of “Money Pit” purchases, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) was formed in 1976, the first association of home inspectors in America. Later, InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, was formed, the largest inspector trade association. We have inspectors who are members of both ASHI and InterNACHI.

A home inspection can best be described as looking at the home you are buying through a “different set of eyes.” You know you like the house. You might like its size, location, distance from your job, floorplan, school district, or many other things about it. So, you know you want to buy it. What you need a home inspector for is to tell you exactly what you are buying.

Does the house have safety issues that could cause someone to get hurt? Does it have a mice or rat infestation in the crawlspace? Does it have a roof that needs to be replaced, or a problem with the foundation that holds the house up? Does it have an electrical panel or wiring not used anymore due to fire danger? Is the furnace so old that it may need replaced in the next year or two? How about the water heater? Are there plumbing leaks? How about windows that have failing seals?

A house is actually made up of many individual systems and components and all of them can be broken, worn out, unsafe, or in need of maintenance. How will you know which ones to replace, maintain, or monitor? You won’t, and that is why there are double State-licensed home inspectors at Move Smart Home Inspections ready to give you that information.


Imagine if you had the choice of buying two cars that are the same age and model. The first car has no maintenance records and you know nothing about it. The second one has been checked out by a mechanic and you have a report of its condition. These two cars are the same price. Which one would you buy?

We can help you to have a house that stands out when it is compared to a similar house nearby that is also for sale. When your house stands out your house sells for more money.

How can we help? We perform what are called pre-listing inspections on homes that are about to be listed for sale, or already listed for sale. We perform the home and pest inspections that would be and will be performed by a buyer’s inspector when you get an offer on your home.

By learning now, before the sale, what issues will come up before the buyer’s inspection, you can work on resolving some of those issues now, making your house more valuable. Also, by ordering a pre-listing inspection you show all the buyers who look at your home that you are an above-board, ethical person who wants to find out what the inspection findings might be on your home just as badly as a prospective buyer wants to find out what they are. You look ethical and credible. You look like someone we all would like to do business with. Like the business of buying your home for top dollar.


You are an investor. For you, a purchase is not an emotional decision, it is one made based on cold hard facts. We are in the fact supplying business. We inspect Commercial Buildings and Industrial Buildings. We have inspected restaurants, apartment complexes, office buildings, strip malls, and storage unit businesses.

We combine the best inspectors with the best tools, to prepare your commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report to give you the clearest overall picture of the potential investment you are making.

Commercial investments require big dollars, and can bring in big returns, but not if you buy the wrong building. Let our extensive experience protect you and your money.

You want to make a great investment. You also want to be able to negotiate the price down or get necessary repairs made based on the information in your PCA report.

Get armed with the information that can help you buy the best building possible and for the best price possible. Order a PCA report on the building you are buying today.


By learning now what issues are likely to come up on the commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report before your building is under contract to be sold, you can do one of three things. First, if you choose you can remedy some or all of the things that your PCA shows you. Secondly, having a PCA already performed can cause some buyers to skip that expense and rely on your PCA. Finally, having your own PCA report gives you information to use to counter requests made by the buyer based on their PCA report.

You want to sell your building for the highest possible price. Get armed with the information that can help you do just that. Order a PCA report on your building today.


Your job is important. You are responsible to protect the asset of the owner(s) of the building you manage. How do you do that? By having information at your fingertips, information we supply you from our commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report. This information can allow you to project upcoming costs. It can allow you to schedule maintenance projects. Finally, it can allow you to take care of maintenance issues that are small now, but if not remedied can turn into repairs that run into the tens of thousands of dollars on a large commercial building.

Your owner(s) expect you to protect their investment. Get armed with the information that can help you do your job. Order a PCA report on your building today.



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